Travellanka October 2017

43 Beaches – South, West, North Coast Accommodation | adventurous you may join a fisherman and venture closer to the spot by sea – an exhilarating experience indeed. Tangalle – 196 km 34 Most picturesquely located, Tangalle’s four mile wide bay is a paradise for swimmers and divers. Most of the hotels hug the bay. A 211 metre rock similar to Sigiriya, Mulkirigala is 21 km from Tangalle. Instead of a palace in ruin there is a dagoba on top of this rock. The beach at Rekawa village just 10 Km away is an important sea turtle nesting site. Excursion to Kalametiya bird sanctuary. Hambantota – 238 km 35 The large well-sheltered fishing port is the centre of Sri Lanka’s salt industry, Dry and arid, the blue palm fringed beaches give way to scrub covered savanah only the distant hills of Kataragama breaking the monotony. Incidentally a fast growing township with a new harbour. Beaches – South, West, North Coast Accommodation KALPITIYA 1 De Silva Kite Resort Kalpitiya Pvt Ltd Pudukudyiruppu, Seethawadi, Kalpitiya T: 0324934076 Dinuda Resort Pudukuduerippu, Sethawadi, Kalpitiya E : wasanthaw@ m a s h o l d i n g s . c o m T : 0323297820 M: 0773420339 Divyaa Lagoon Pvt Ltd Dutch Bay, Kandakuliya, Kalpitiya W: E: zm@divyaa. com T: 0114730740 Diyamba Beach Resort K andakuli ya Beac h Ro ad, Kandakuliya, Kalpitiya. W : Dutch Bay Resorts Dutch Bay Island, Kalpitiya W: E: neil@ du tc hbay resor t s .com T: 0117850850 Elements Water Sports & Nature Resort Kappalady, Kalpitiya. E: manager@ Kalpitiya Resthouse Srilanka tourism resorts Resthouse, Kalpitiya T: +94 32 2260705 Kitesurfing Lanka DutchBayRoad,KandakuliyaRoad, Kalpitiya, T: +94 77 368 6235 E: info@kitesurfinglanka.comW : Kite Beach villas Kudawa,Kandakuliya,Kalpitiya. W: E: info@ kitebeachvillas kal PUTTALAM 2 Bethany 101 101, Colombo Road, Puttalam. W : b e t h a n y 101.c om E : M: 0756101101 Grove Sri Lanka Dias Watte, Attavillu, Palavia, Puttalam W: E: M: 077129559 Shell Coast Resort Pvt Ltd Uvar y, Pesalai, Mannar E : d a d u n k a @ gma i l .c om T : 0723869264 Palmyrah House (pvt) Ltd Thalaimannarama Road, Karisal, Mannar Island W: palmyrah E: info@palmyrah T: 0112594467 CHILAW 3 Ajith Putha Grand Irattakulama Road, Madampe. T:0322247789 Anantaya Resort & Spa Kaurkupone,Bangadeniya,Chilaw. T: 0115566222 Carolina Beach Hotel Ambankandawila, Chilaw W: carolinabeachhotel.lkE:info@ T: 0325747500 C & I Beach Hotel 57, Iranawila Watta, Iranawila, Chilaw W: E: T: 0322256455 MARAWILA 4 Amagi Beach Beach Road, Marawila W : T:0322251469 Aquarius Resort (pvt) Ltd B e a c h Ro a d , Maraw ila. T : 0322254888