Travellanka October 2017

10 Kastane Sword Sword is being displayed at the National Museum Colombo the UK in 1906 where exactly a century later,purchasedbyaRussian antiquarian at an auction held in the Sotheby’s,a leadingantiqueauction house in London on December 19, 2006. Then it was displayed in the elite section of ‘Property of a PrincelyFamilyandOtherAristocratic Estates’. The length of this sword is 480.5 mm. and has a pommel adorned with mythical serapendiya, embellished with moulding, gold plating and engraving. The sword is primarily manufactured as a weapon for A n exquisite example of an 18th century ' Kasthane' sword has been gifted to the Sri Lankan President His Excellency Maitripala Sirisena by the Russian President His Excellency Vladimir Putin, which recently drew much attention of heritage-loving Sri Lankans.HisExcellencythePresident madearrangementsforthisvaluable treasure to be deposited in the due destination, the National Museum in Colombo. This sword believed to have belonged to a Kandyan nobleman was found its way to ~ Pics - National Museum