Travellanka October 2017

4 Tourist Information Rs.1,000/-, Rs.2,000/- and Rs.5,000/-. Denominations are clearly marked in figures on both sides of notes and stated in English in addition to Sinhala and Tamil. Coins commonly in use are the following denominations; 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, One Rupee, Two Rupees, Five Rupees and Ten Rupees. Currency Rates Exchange Rates in Sri Lankan Rupees (as at 21.09.2017) Buying Rate Selling Rate Australian Dollar 117.53 124.37 Canadian Dollar 117.21 126.03 Danish Kroner 23.24 24.83 Euro 176.54 183.95 Hong Kong Dollar 18.37 19.91 Japanese Yen 1.30 1.38 New Zealand Dollar 103.54 114.25 Norwegian Kroner 18.50 19.74 Singapore Dollar 109.41 114.77 South African Rand 10.26 11.70 Swedish Kroner 17.53 19.37 Swiss Franc 150.72 160.19 Pound Sterling 199.77 208.74 U.S. Dollar 151.40 154.15 Chinese Renminbi 21.65 23.55 These rates are subject to fluctuation each day. Traveller’s Cheques earn slightly more. Note: The rates apply to all bills paid in foreign currency at hotels, travel agents or shops authorized to accept foreign currency. Certainshopsarelicensedtotransactbusiness in foreign currency only. Currency Regulations Visitors to Sri Lanka bringing in excess of US$10,000 should declare the amount to theCustoms.Allunspentmonies,whichwere converted from foreign currencies declared on arrival can be re-converted to original currency. You are required to produce encashment receipts or payment bills. Credit Cards ManyhotelsandshopsacceptreputedCreditCards.Nosurcharge should be permitted for its use. Cash advances are possible against credit cards in certain banks. Important Retain some of your hotel and shopping receipts, specially for gems. These would make Customs clearance easy. Banking Facilities Banking facilities have grown and widened tremendously to cope with the sophisticated needs of today’s businessman. Sri Lankan and foreign banks provide an expanding range of services to investors. Banking Hours Banks keep increasingly flexible hours to suit customer convenience. All banks are open from 0900 hrs to 1500 hrs MondaytoFriday.SomeBanks areopen onSaturdays fora limited number of hours for transactions. Most of the banks are closed on Sundays, all Public Holidays. Exchange Counters • BANK OF CEYLON – Head Office/Travel Dept, Tower Bldg, Colombo 01. T: 2439541. Open from 0900 to 1600 hrs. on weekdays for encashment & issue of Travellers Cheques. • BUREAU DE CHANGE – Bank of Ceylon, York Street, Colombo 01. T: 2422730. Open 365 days (8.30 am to 6.00 pm on Weekdays, 8.30 am to 4.00 pm on Weekends). • BANK OF CEYLON – Pay Office, Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayake. T: 2252424. Open 24 hrs. on all days of the year for Issue & Encashment of Foreign Exchange. • BOC TRAVEL (Pvt) Ltd – 1st Floor, Bank of Ceylon, Super Grade Building, Baseline Rd, Colombo 08. T: 2688155. Open from 0830 to 1700 hrs. on weekdays & 0900 to 1300 hrs. on Saturdays for Airline ticketing. • COMMERCIAL BANK – Commercial Office 21, Bristol Street Colombo 01. (International division) T: 2445010/15 • HATTON NATIONAL BANK – HNB Towers, 479, T.B. Jayah Mawatha, Colombo 01. T: 4764764, 2664664, 5564564, • NATIONS TRUST BANK – American Express Card Centre, 104, Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 07. T: 4414100 City Office: 76, York Street, Colombo 01. (365 Day Banking) T: 4711402/7 • PEOPLE’S BANK – (OCS), 59, D.R. Wijewardena Mw, Colombo 10. T: 2332745, 2332746 On Monday to Friday 08.30 -1600 hrs. Saturday 0900 – 1400 hrs • SEYLAN BANK – Ceylinco Seylan Towers, 90, Galle Road, Colombo 03. (24 hour service) T: 2456789 • SAMPATH BANK LIMITED – Travel Shop, 110, Sir James Pieris Mawatha, Colombo 02. Monday to Friday 08.30 – 1500 hrs. T: 011-2303050