Travellanka October 2017

91 Adventure Sports | Adventure Sports The Sun, Sand and the Mountains offer the adventure seekers the best thrills one can find. Sri Lanka has been abreast in introducing the latest Adventures keeping to all safely requirements. The adventure junkie needs only to decide on the venue of choice. sq. km with five major forest formations, a wide variety of rare and endemic flora and fauna and mountain scenery. Cycling & Mountain Biking Ifyouprefertogetaboutontwowheelstherearemany interesting trails in the lowlands that take you through a beautiful landscape of tea, rubber and spice plantations. For those seeking more of a challenge, hill country locations such as the Knuckles National Heritage and Wilderness area offer a number of steeper trails that are only suitable for more experienced cyclists. Canoeing/Kayaking With 103 rivers and a wealth of swamps, lagoons and interconnected old canals, Sri Lanka provides no end of opportunities to try out this different and relaxing mode of transportation.Canoeistscanmarvelatever-changing landscapes and a fascinating variety of flora and fauna. Hot Air Balloon Although this is a relatively new sport to Sri Lanka, the concept has taken a professional turn. With trained balloon pilots and ground crew in coordinating with the route no chance is taken for granted. The whole experience will take about 4 hours beginning with the preparations and inflating the balloons. Safety lessons and landing time included. A general tour begins as early as 6:30am. Few Local organisations offer Baloon rides, They have to be prior booking made. Kite Surfing Probably yet to be renounced for Kite surfing the best location yet for this sport is Kalpitiya. With the ideal wind conditions, its best for beginners around January to March. FromMay to August thewinds shifts to SouthWest directionwith higher shore breaks, this is ideal for more advanced and professional kite surfers. Rock climbing Relatively another new sport in Sri Lanka. There are climbing sites depending on the capability of the individual. A programme for rock climbing will take up to 2 to 3 days. Safety Helmets and Harness with other related gear included in the package. Accommodation transport will is included in most packaged programmes. Diving Surrounded by lovely waters of the Indian Ocean this sport is no exception to the adventurecategory.Divingopportunitiesare ample along southern, eastern and western shores. November to April is considered the best time if you are in the west and south shores and April to September along the east. Diving gear can be rented and lessons can be arranged by most of the resorts in the area who will recommend respectable diving schools White Water Rafting This activity is great fun for first-timers and experts alike, with a wide range and grading of rapids on some of the island’s more turbulent waters such as the Kelani River. Kitulgala in the hill country, southwest of Kandy provides an ideal base from which many white water rafting trips take place. Hiking/Trekking For the keen hiker Sri Lanka’s mist covered mountain country offers fabulous opportunities. The mysterious Horton Plains national park offers some excellent hikes in an unusual environment characterized by forest patches, grasslands and some high altitude vegetation. When climbing the picturesque Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada) you begin your ascent at night in order to arrive at the top to witness the magical sunrise with the peak casting its mystic shadow on the cloud mountains below. The attractive area of Ella is renowned for its many walks including the Little Adams Peak, Ella/rock and the Namunukula Mountain range. And if you are in the vicinity of Kandy, exploring the beautiful Knukles Range Heritage and Wilderness area will simply take your breath away.Theregionstretchesan impressive155