Travellanka October 2017

79 High Country Accommodation | Bambarakanda Waterfall 12 Bambarakanda Ella, the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka (865 feet); this is at its peak capacity during September and October. Diyaluma Waterfall 13 Diyaluma means watery light. To reach the breathtaking beauty of Dunhinda falls (210 feet) you will have to travel about 5 Km fromBadulla along theMahiyangana road, andwalk for another 2 Km (trekking) away from the main road. Sita Amman Kovil 11 Less than 2 km from Nuwara Eliya on the main Badulla highway is Sita Amman Kovil, believed to be the spot where Sita was kept in hiding by Ravana of the Indian epic Ramayana. The picturesque hill country is deeply woven with Ramayana as Sita is believed to have been taken from one hiding place to another in this beautiful location. In this island one may identify nearly fifty places marking each important event in this great epic. Capturing the Ramayana Trail is pure bliss for the devotees both spiritually and visually. NUWARA-ELIYA 1 Albany Nuwara Eliya 11/4, Upper Lake Road, Nuwara Eliya W: albanynuwaraeliya. com E: T: 0522224432M: 077586434 Alpine Hotel No. 4 , Haddon Hill Road, Nuwara Eliya W: alpineeco E: T: 0522223500 American Star Hotel No. 126 /3, Badulla Road, Mahagastota Junction, Nuwara Eliya W : www. americ an E: american starhotel T: 0522234006 Brockenhurst 98, Water Field Drive, Nuwara Eliya E: brockenhurts.bungalow@ M: 0773479145 Burthars Bungalow 226/1, Moonplains Mahagastota, NuwaraEliya W:www.berthaslk. comE T: 0522235982M: 0715478700 Ceybank Rest Badulla Road, Nuwara Eliya W: : cey ban k ne @ slt net .lk T: 0522223855 Cocoon Hills 21a, Glenfall Road, Nuwara Eliya T: 0522223674 Dream Stay 25/8, Glassaugh Road, Nanu Oya, Nuwara Eliya W : airbnb. com//746596 E: nuwanwi@ T: 0525672707 M: 0773515593 Ferncliff Boutique Bungalow No 7/10, Wedder Burn Road, Nuwara Eliya W: wwe.ferncliff. lkE :prabash@desaram.comT : 0522222516 M: 0777777183 Galway Forest Lodge No. 89, Upper Lake Road, Havelock Drive, Nuwara Eliya. W: www. g a l w a y f o r e s t . c o m E : g a l wa y 3 3 @ s l t n e t . l k T : 0522234717 Glendower Hotel No:05, Grand Hotel Road, Nuwara Eliya W: E: hotelglendower22@sltnet. lk T: 0522222501 Grand Hotel GrandHotelRoad,NuwaraEliya W: angerinehotels.comE:admin@ T: 0522222881 Gregory’s Bungalow 109,UpperLakeRoad,NuwaraEliya E: T: 0522235580M: 0718312659 Heaven Seven (pvt) Ltd No 24, Hadon Hill Road, Nuwara Eliya E: info@hevensevenhotels com T: 0522234256 Heritance Tea Factory Kandapola, Nuwara Eliya W: E: tea T: 052229600 Hevenly Home No14/16,UpperLakeRoad,Nuwara Eliya E: natashama lshani123@ M: 0773370733 High Country Accommodation