Travellanka October 2017

77 High Country | High Country Situated in the South-central part of the island, the central highlands comprising the Peak Wilderness ProtectedArea (Maha Eliya) National Park and the Knuckles (DumbaraMetiyawatha) Conservation Forest have been declared a Natural World Heritage Site. Thesemontane forests, where the land area rises 2,500 metres above sea level, are home to an extraordinary range of fauna and flora, including several endangered species such as the Horton Plains slender Loris and the Sri Lankan Leopard. The region considered a super biodiversity hotspot. managed to penetrate the island’s hill country in the 1800s, tea bushescoverrollinghillslikesoftmoss,interspersedwitheucalyptus, albesia and other trees. Tea-pluckers work on the slopes, butterfly- like in their colourful sarees. You would think they make the air afresh everyday, to continuously delight the senses with its spring- like freshness. Wisps of milk-white clouds soften the dark outline of the high rocky crags, and roll down in gentle waves of mist, at dawn. There are a number of hill stations dotting the hill country landscape, each different in character. Nuwara Eliya 1 It’s a land of peace, and silence. The nostalgia of the empire builders is reflected in Nuwara-Eliya. The town is decorated with buildings ranging in style from Georgian to Queen Anne. Parks, trout streams, an 18 hole golf course complete with gorse, the M esmerizing the locals as well as our visitors from foreign lands, the high country, rises from 3000 ft. to over 8000 ft. and will surround you with velvety green freshness year round. The approach, whether by road or rail, is through narrow passes, deep ravines, gushing streams and waterfalls. The vegetationchangefromtropicalprofusionto gentlesprawlingrubberplantations,fragrant spicegardens,tocoolemeraldhills,carpeted with the world famous ‘Ceylon Tea.’ Tea Gardens First introduced here by the British, who Nuwara Eliya Hakgala Botanic Sita Amman Kovil Thalawakele Nanuoya 1 3 11 8 Pidurutalagala Galways Land National Park 2 4 6 9 13 5 12 10 14 Kitulgala Dick Oya Sri Pada Horton Plains National Park Bambarakanda Waterfall Belihuloya Ambewela Bandarawela Haputale Diyaluma Waterfall Badulla Ella Bogawantalawa Laxapana 7 HIGH COUNTRY Nuwara Eliya 1 Pidurutalagala 2 Hakgala Botanic Gardens 3 Galways Land NP 4 Horton Plains NP 5 Bandarawela 6 Kitulgala 7 Thalawakele 8 Haputale 9 Ella 10 Sita Amman Kovil 11 Bambarakanda Waterfall 12 Diyaluma Waterfall 13 Badulla 14